Typical forms of company succession

In the Swiss SME landscape, the issue of company succession is particularly topical and of great importance. This publication is a joint effort of Lucerne School of Business, Hitz & Partner Corporate Finance AG and Lex Futura AG, and follows the goal of presenting the most typical forms of succession planning in a clear and compact manner, taking financial, legal and tax aspects into account. The primary target audience of our work is entrepreneurs who are looking for a succession solution for their company, as well as the management who wants to enter the entrepreneur’s footsteps. Due to its design with concrete case studies as well as further information on the topic, our publication is also well suited for training and further education on the topic of company succession.

The team of authors has many years of experience with the contents presented and deals in its daily work with selected aspects of corporate finance in general and in particular with succession planning. The combination of the different competences and experiences has not only made this publication possible, but also clearly shows that succession planning is an interdisciplinary process and requires knowledge from different disciplines.

A company succession often takes many years and requires not only expertise in the areas of financing, law and taxes but also sound knowledge of psychological aspects. The handover of a company is often an emotional matter, which for most entrepreneurs is also a onetime event. Our work offers an insight into the areas of finance, law and taxes and, with the help of concrete case studies, clearly illustrates how succession planning can be structured and successfully implemented from these perspectives. For the psychological aspects, which are at least as important but are not within our competence, we would like to refer to the existing literature on this subject.

In view of the complexity of many succession regulations, entrepreneurs can rely on a range of service offerings in the succession process. The financial services industry and banks in particular play an important role in the successful handling of company successions. In addition to their central role in connection with financing, the banks accompany their corporate clients for years, and thanks to their extensive process experience, they can also provide their clients with long-term support in succession planning and implementation. Accordingly, we are also pleased that we were able to win Berner Kantonalbank and Luzerner Kantonalbank - both important representatives of the banking industry - as sponsors for our publication.

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