Hitz & Partner - Lived Corporate Succession

In the course of the company succession, Stephan Hitz, founder of Hitz & Partner Corporate Finance AG, will hand over the company to his successor Cédric Vollmar and at the same time step down from his functions as Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors as of 1 March 2021.

Stephan Hitz: «I look back with great satisfaction on the exciting period of my 18 years as founder and Managing Partner of Hitz & Partner Corporate Finance AG and am grateful for the many interesting meetings with entrepreneurs and the numerous successful corporate transactions. Equally, I am very grateful for my own company succession with Cédric Vollmar and wish him continued pleasure and success in his new role.»

In the course of his succession plan, which was already initiated in 2018, Cédric Vollmar will now take over the full shares of the company and will now sign as Managing Partner/Board of Directors and Delegate of Hitz & Partner Corporate Finance AG. Stephan Hitz will remain with the company until further notice and, together with Cédric Vollmar and his team, will continue to advise our clients as a certified auditor and M&A specialist with 30 years of M&A experience.

Cédric Vollmar: «It is a great pleasure for me to continue shaping the successful history of Hitz & Partner Corporate Finance AG together with the team in the future. In the last 10 years I was able to gain valuable experience as an employee and business partner at Hitz & Partner and I am pleased that I can now take on this additional responsibility. I thank Stephan for this opportunity, the great trust and the valuable support.»

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