Independence is crucial to our work. We consider it important to be unbound by financial or third partyties. As such, we can largely preclude conflicts of interests – and should potential challenges arise, we can resolve them in a measured, proactive way. That puts us in a position to fulfil any task in your best interests. Where the situation warrants, we can draw on further specialist resources. We cooperate closely with reputable M&A lawyers, taxation experts and accountants around the world.


We are adamant about a clearly structured mandate with unambiguously defined goals.
That is an important precondition for predictable, consistent and accountable action. Openness and transparency are dominating concerns that characterize everything we do: being in charge of a project, we communicate openly with you and our partners as the situation demands – and maintain the necessary discretion, too.


Corporate finance transactions always involve numerous interest groups: Your shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and the general public. We always strive for a solution that is best for the greatest possible number concerned.
We know the challenges of complex deals and know how to respect cultural differences between different markets. In your interest, we push hard for systematic and rapid implementation of the chosen measures, without neglecting obligations towards other stakeholder groups.

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